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At Bayside Mediation we offer affordable services, focused solutions and timely support. Our mediation process empowers you to decide the outcome
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Family Dispute Resolution (FDR) often referred to as Family Law Mediation, should be your first contact when you are considering separation or divorce. Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners are specialists in Family Law and we can support couples through a non-adversarial, mediated resolution to their parenting and property matters. Family Law Mediators are highly trained and skilled professionals who are comfortable dealing with conflict. Before you make any decisions consider this, Bayside Mediation offers a free 30 minute telephone consultation at no obligation, so we can help you understand just what is required of you and what you need to do next. We are not solicitors but work hand in hand with the legal profession and we will explain all your options.  Bayside Mediations Practitioners have more than 20 years’ experience working with separating couples and their families. Should you choose to mediate, we provide a safe and managed environment for couples to discuss their issues and formulate their thoughts. Offering support, compassion and information, mediation can expedite the process and minimise the distress experienced by separating couples. Mediated outcomes are your outcomes; you decide what is best for your family, your children and your future. Agreements reached in mediation can be formalised by the courts and mediated Parenting Plans can be binding.  If you want to know what your rights and obligations are under the Family Law Act, if you need to negotiate a Parenting Plan or a Financial Settlement; if there is an issue you and your former partner just can’t get past? Then you need a Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner. Call us for a different approach.
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“I was directed to you by my solicitor as l was having no success communicating with my former partner about a couple of issues. I was very happy with the service you provided. You were professional, clear about the process and our respective responsibilities and we achieved a positive resolution. I greatly appreciated your help in finally getting my former partner to mediations and your impartiality.” Virginia “We thank you for your assistance in this matter and we will certainly refer you to any of our clients who are seeking to attend mediation before attempting to reach agreement through legal means.” LSLawyers “I have sent you a few clients recently and wanted to send you some positive feedback. The clients I have referred to you have felt heard, understood and supported (within reason) and I am grateful for your assistance” Senior Associate C&T
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